You will need
  • - written or notarial failure;
  • - passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
To abandon the privatization of write failure, and assure him of a notary. You can go to a notary office, to pay for services and you will be the notary's refusal to participate in privatization.
If you make a written waiver, please include your name, address, date of receipt. Next, simply write "Refuse from privatization". To specify the reason for refusal is not necessary. Signature, date, contact your notary to notarize the document.
You just refuse, the other was for housing privatize your share and rights issue of common ownership. To abandon privatization in favour of someone you can't, like it is done in case of refusal to accept the inheritance.
Think carefully, refusing to participate in privatization. You do not lose the right to lifetime use of the residential space, but do not forget that it will go on the right of ownership to others and if they further wish to share in the privatized apartment and sell your shares, you will remain without shelter. To challenge their right to share in the apartment very difficult, even in court. You are given the right to free privatization, you refused it, therefore, no dispute regarding your right to share should arise.
If parents, guardians or legal representatives of minors involved in the free privatization, minors are also entitled to a share of ownership in privatized apartment. Write the non-participation of minors, incapable or partially capable citizens in the privatization impossible.
If you do not wish to participate in privatization for the reason that need a long time to collect the documents and a lot of walking on different instances, then you can issue the notarized power of attorney to any member of the family, and the entire procedure of privatization will be made for you by a notary Trustee. In this case, you will have the right of ownership of the share, which in the future will be able to give to any family member or inherited, having made a will. Moreover, you will still have to visit the notary for registration of the refusal of privatization.