To date, there is only one answer to the question of how to cash a housing certificate is to contact the real estate Agency. Encashment of the certificate is a legally complex unsafe scheme double deals with property and cash.
Simplistically, the transaction can be described as follows. You contact a real estate Agency, real estate Agency is looking for a client who wants to buy an apartment and ready to expect the transaction from one to two to three months.
The choice of the apartment by the client, but to acquire it you have to the owner of the housing certificate. Estimated value of the apartment should be not less than the cost of the housing certificate.
Further, the real estate Agency conducting a routine transaction of buying an apartment in your name for your certificate, and you become the owner of a residential apartment. Within one month after the transaction of purchase and sale the judicial agencies of state registration of rights to immovable property.
As soon as the certificate of registration of real estate rights is received, the Agency conducts a second transaction of purchase and sale in which you participate as the seller and the buyer, according to the criteria which selects flat, acts as the buyer.
The results of the two transactions, the buyer becomes the owner of the apartment you have purchased the certificate, and you get cash. As you can see, cash housing certificate independently, without the involvement of real estate agencies.
However, such a deal is legally quite complex, carries a certain risk from the point of view of the state is not quite clear, because the housing certificate is a security instrument housing, not cash. So be careful when choosing a real estate Agency to withdraw the certificate.