If you are a student or an applicant, please contact the Dean's office of your faculty or the admissions officers. There you will be able to tell, if your University the opportunity to place students in dormitories, and for which categories of students possible. There you will be able to advise on what you need the documents for settlement and to whom they should serve.
Employees of factories, universities and other organizations in the Department where there are dormitories, should apply to the Union or to the leadership to explain the situation about the check-in office space.
Find a real estate Agency engaged in the delivery of housing for rent. Such in Moscow there are many. On their website, or after chatting on the phone, you will be able to know whether the realtor the opportunity to offer you a place in the dormitory, public or commercial.
For a short stay you fit hostel - the hostelthat serves as a hotel. It differs from a hotel in price, and that in the room with you live from two to seven people. The addresses of these hostels in Moscow you can learn through such Internet sites as This resource is written in English, but has clear structure and is suitable for searching for hostels around the world. A place in the hostel it's best to book in advance, especially during tourist season. It is possible to order the hotel, making partial prepayment with credit card.