Prepare all the necessary information. Picking up a translation of any programs, make sure that everything used in it terms familiar to you. It must be done even when using the translator, because the quality of machine translation always leaves something to be desired and modify them manually is a must. If you translate the game, then you need to know the setting and storyline: it is often the dialogue of the characters are not in chronological order, and then guess what was happening in context will be difficult. It is highly desirable to have at least basic programming skills. After all, you have to work directly with the program code, and therefore simply changing the text do it or not. The range of possible problems is very wide, and therefore each have to look individually.
You will need a text editor program resources. The range of such the market is quite wide: for beginners suitable Resource Hacker or Restorator, more advanced can use ResHack. The programs differ from each other minimally, each allows you to "get inside" the program and edit all content at its own discretion.
Using the resource editor methodically begin to touch the program files. In one of them you will find all the text information of the program (or most of it). Edit everything directly in the search box, however thoughtlessly to change all the words in Russian, you can not always. For example, consider the efficiency of the code (violation of the integrity of the program can lead to malfunction of the file), the OCR program of the Cyrillic alphabet (which is not always the case) or the size of the field text (it often happens that the inscription "Save the game" just does not fit where it was before Save Game). You can also face the fact that the program is Packed or protected solution of problems of this kind require significant training.