Advice 1: How to make yourself crack to the game

The problem of non-localized software always stands in front of the average user need not every game has a Russian variation, and to work with foreign, not everyone can. Because the issue of Russification does not lose its relevance, and minimal knowledge in this area can be useful to everyone.
How to make yourself crack to the game
Prepare all the necessary information. Picking up a translation of any programs, make sure that everything used in it terms familiar to you. It must be done even when using the translator, because the quality of machine translation always leaves something to be desired and modify them manually is a must. If you translate the game, then you need to know the setting and storyline: it is often the dialogue of the characters are not in chronological order, and then guess what was happening in context will be difficult. It is highly desirable to have at least basic programming skills. After all, you have to work directly with the program code, and therefore simply changing the text do it or not. The range of possible problems is very wide, and therefore each have to look individually.
You will need a text editor program resources. The range of such the market is quite wide: for beginners suitable Resource Hacker or Restorator, more advanced can use ResHack. The programs differ from each other minimally, each allows you to "get inside" the program and edit all content at its own discretion.
Using the resource editor methodically begin to touch the program files. In one of them you will find all the text information of the program (or most of it). Edit everything directly in the search box, however thoughtlessly to change all the words in Russian, you can not always. For example, consider the efficiency of the code (violation of the integrity of the program can lead to malfunction of the file), the OCR program of the Cyrillic alphabet (which is not always the case) or the size of the field text (it often happens that the inscription "Save the game" just does not fit where it was before Save Game). You can also face the fact that the program is Packed or protected solution of problems of this kind require significant training.

Advice 2 : How to make a bat file

Batch files are a popular means of automating some routine operations. Particularly often they are used by system and network administrators. Even the simplest application of bat files allow you to save a lot of time. Moreover, ready-made sets of commands for each case easy to find in the Internet. However, to execute these commands, they need to make a bat file.
How to make a bat file
You will need
  • computer
To make the bat file, start Notepad in Windows. If the Notepad icon is not on your desktop, click on the "start" button, then "Run" and type in the box the line notepad. Click "OK".
To avoid problems with running bat file, the main part of the file name do no longer than 8 letters. This should be limited to numbers and English letters.
By typing "file Name" the desired name (for example, test.bat), remember which folder it will be located and click "OK".
After the bat file will have a non-standard extension, it will no longer open the default text editor. To open the bat file for editing, use the item "Open" the string "Edit" to open a list of options just press the right mouse button, putting the cursor on the file name.).
If you try to run this (empty) bat file, you will get an error message. To check out the "performance" of such a file you have to fill simple commands.
For example, write in the bat file the line
echo off
and try to implement it. On the screen will have to zip a black window. If it is not popping up error messages, then the bat file ready to go.
To finally make sure that the bat file works, add the line
and then start to run. This time there should appear a black window with prompt you to press any key. Click on any button and go to the Internet to find a suitable to your needs a set of commands. For example on a page: considered almost all the major situation using batch files.
When using bat files, be very careful. Many commands allow you, for example, to remove the information without any request for confirmation to change the registry settings and even format the drives.

Advice 3 : Why I like this game

Emergency termination of the game, during which the user "throws" on your desktop operating system can be caused by various reasons. Most often they are bugs in the current version of the application and conflicts with the equipment.
Why I like this game

The main reasons for departure from the game

Make sure that the system requirements listed on the game box, fit your. Insufficient amount of power or other components and resources may lead to crashes to the desktop. It is a kind of system protection from damage and overheating of the various devices.

It is important that the system was installed the latest drivers for the devices. Download them through the Internet or found on the installation disc. Also install new DitectX, without which the game start will not work.
Scan system for viruses before running the game. Some of them cause various errors during runtime.

Disable your antivirus and then complete all the extra apps and services. You can do this in task Manager, causing it by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del. A variety of programs during operation, it involves a high amount of system resources, therefore the game can start to hang out, end unexpectedly, and in the end throw of the player to your desktop. Defragment hard drive to improve the stability of the system.

How to prevent the discarding of the game

Install the latest add-ons and patches for the game by downloading them from the developer's site or from the installation disk. The first version of the game may contain errors, leading to crashes, so the developers periodically release a special patch to fix this.
Install only licensed versions of the game. Pirate build often lead to errors and crashes.

Find the Readme file on the installation disk and carefully learn it. Perhaps it contains information about problems that may occur during the game. Also visit gaming forums where users describe the bugs they encountered. So you can find out more about your problem and how to resolve it.

Remember, do not change whether you own the game settings. If they are exposed to too high resource requirements and is appropriate for your computer configuration, this can lead to crashes. Reinstall the game to return the settings to their original state.

If you are unable to determine the problem due to which there are departures, please contact our technical support to developers. Coordinates for communication with them in the form of phone numbers or e-mail are usually listed on the game disc. Contact the support center and tell your problem. Experts will explain to you the cause and how you can successfully fix it.
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