You will need
  • calculator;
  • -a notebook;
  • pen (pencil).
Make a list of all appliances located in your apartment. Next to each write about the work of a day. On all household appliances, at the rear, either in their passports described the exact consumption of electricity. It should also be recorded.
Count the number of light bulbs located in your apartment. Write them down separately. For example, 3 light bulbs 100W, 2 at 60W, etc. There is a stereotype that the main load on the grid give the bulb. But it is not so. Washing machine for one hour of work consumes energy twenty-five hundred watt lamps.
Check out the list. It must be written all electrical appliances that are in your apartment. Next to each should stand time (hours) working hours per day (day) and the amount of consumed watts.
Multiply all kilowatts for hours. Figure that will happen in the end indicates consumption of electricity per day. It should be remembered that it is only a calculated figure. Power consumption should be calculated based on the specific circumstances. For example, if you have a small child, the washing machine is 3-4 times more than usual, and therefore to adjust the figure should only be done when taking into account all specific circumstances.
Now calculate the power of all lighting. Summarizes all the power light bulbs, for example, 2х100+3х60+1х40, etc. In the end, you will get the amount of watts that consume all the light fixtures. The resulting amount and multiply by hours/day and you will get the number of watts consumed by the lighting in the day. Now to the result add the appliances. After everything is summed, multiply the number of kW on the 31 and get the monthly electricity consumption.