Start with the right cleansing of hair – the scalp should be organized as required, so as to walk with dirty hair is not only ugly, but also harmful. Strong, generally considered to be normal hair – they do not suffer from excessive sebum, not drying, not whipped. So washing them once to twice a week at most. More frequent washing leads to disruption of the protective layer of the skin that deprives the hair of natural oils grease and damages hair follicles. If you stop the hair and skin protection, regular dust will cause them significant damage. To wash it is best to use aged water, add a little warm water, so it was not too hot but not cold. For rinsing hair, prepare the melted frozen water, adding a little lemon juice. Never brush wet hair – this rule should be followed when caring for the hair of any type. Pulling movements prevent the closure of the protective scales, and hair lose their strength. It is best to use comb of natural material, then hair will not be electrified. The use of various heat styling tools you need for creating hairstyles, but excessive use of such devices leads to disruption of the hair structure – even the strongest hair becomes brittle and dry, if their daily to cheat at Curling. Dry the hair naturally, and if necessary, use a flat iron or Curling iron be sure to apply a heat tool that will reduce the harmful effects.Any styling products weight hair, although strong strands suffer from this to a lesser degree. Daily use gel, mousse or foam chemical components bad for the condition of the hair.Hair care involves herbal rinse (nettle, chamomile, Linden), nourishing mask (oil, egg). Hair is useful to lubricate the oil burdock, castor, olive. Add a few drops of essential oil composition, sour cream or yogurt and get a good mask for strengthening hair. To hair shone them should be rinsed with acidified solutions – mix the lemon juice or acetic acid in water.