Advice 1: What is the composition of the text

Composition is the organization and structural ordering of the textreflects the location, relationship and interdependence of its parts serving for the most complete realization of the intent of the author.
What is the composition of the text
Basically, the concept of composition is used to characterize literary texts. It is caused by the method Outlook, specifically aesthetic, including generic tasks set by the author. In most cases, the elements of composition are exposition, exposition, development of action, climax and denouement.Art may consist of one novel, novels, poems, but of a whole cycle of the group of poetic or prose works, United by a common hero, a common problems, ideas or actions ("Belkin's stories" Alexander Pushkin, "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" of N. In. Gogol). Anglophone short stories in the concept of "composition" puts the relationship of dynamic and static aspects of the work, the process of dismemberment of the text on specific blocks (paragraphs, chapters), the semantic organization of the text. Therefore, there are two kinds of composite plans of building works: logical-compositional and strictly compositional. The first includes the structural-semantic and structural-logical aspects, and the second – composite-substantive and formal-compositional.The composition of the text is inherent not only artistic works, but also non-fiction too, and is understood as a sequence of three main parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction is an introduction to the theme, content of text, formulation of problems, the performance of the material. Sometimes in the introduction pursued the psychological purposes (journalism, popular science genres) to seize the reader's attention, establish contact with him. In the main part reveals the theme, communicate basic information, solved the task. It is important is the ratio of private and General questions, concrete examples and abstract concepts. In the main part the author presents the basic material, putting evaluation analyzes other people's judgments, offers his own understanding of the topic. The result of all that is supplied in the conclusion where you draw conclusions, identifies new problems and challenges.

Advice 2: How much rewriting of the text

The man who decided to be a maker of articles for Internet sites, of course, wants to know how much he can earn, being engaged in such activity. Usually writers choose to rewrite, as the most easy way to create Internet content. But they are faced with the fact that the remuneration can be very different and depend not on the quality of work, and other factors that are difficult to account for the beginner.
How much rewriting of the text

What is rewriting?

A good starting point to decide what is rewriting. Rewrite is called creating articles for the Internet resource based on the other materials, taken on the Internet or from publications.

Currently, the requirements for rewriting is quite high. Quality rewriting is not just the material of the original article in your own words and, especially, not a primitive word substitution in the original article with synonyms or rearranging their order in the sentence. Welcome a rewrite, when you write that the author used multiple sources, was able to creatively recycle them, or better yet, add your own original thoughts and ideas.

But the main requirement to rewrite-the article is unique. This means that the text obtained as a result must not appear on the Internet. To verify uniqueness, you must use special programs, but the requirements for the degree of uniqueness may be different.
In any case, the uniqueness of below 80% does not give the right to consider an article suitable for any Internet resource.

Price rewriting

The price of any of the content as a rule set, starting from the value of 1000 symbols.
Some set the price per 1000 characters of text including spaces, but often still occurs a fixed price per 1,000 characters excluding spaces.
But there may be options: some customers set the desired size of the article and a fixed price for it, some are willing to pay depending on how many readers will type the article.

But even if you focus on the cost of 1,000 characters without spaces, it can be quite different depending on desires and possibilities of the customer. So, on the stock exchanges of content this price ranges from 10 to 200 and more rubles. Beginners usually ready to try their hand even for a minimal fee, but quickly realize that to make any appreciable amount thus impossible.

Some customers do not distinguish between a copyrighted article and rewrite, while others pay for rewriting slightly less. The average price for rewriting is 40-60 rubles per 1000 symbols without spaces, but with luck and the proper skill level can find a customer willing to pay for such work a lot more, so to say exactly how much it will cost or another article, is extremely difficult.

Another way to try to increase their income, doing a rewrite is to expose articles for sale on the content exchange or on the forum webmasters. But in order to get a high paying, one needs to establish itself as the author of high-quality and unique material. None of the customers would not buy expensive articles in a person abilities which he does not know.

In any case, will be paid only competent, unique material, regardless of a rewrite or an original article. For illiterate, hard to read, non-unique text, the author risks not to receive a penny.

Advice 3: What is an oscilloscope and how does it apply

Oscilloscope - a device that visually displays electrical oscillations. Its name comes from the Latin and Greek words – "Oslo" and "grafo", which means "rock" and "write" that accurately reflects the principle of its operation.

History and classification

The first oscilloscope was invented in France in 1893 by the physicist andré Blondel and was more primitive and less precise than its modern variations.

Today's oscilloscopes provide an opportunity to explore the signals gigagertsevyj frequencies. To explore more high-frequency signals typically use a more complicated electron-optical camera.

On the purpose and behavior oscilloscopes are divided into two types. The first are the periodic scan for direct observation of the waveform on the screen. Second, having all of the same continuous scan, register the oscillation curve on the photoblog.

The oscilloscope with the periodic scan is divided into universal, high-speed, stroboscopic, memory and special. Digital gives the opportunity to combine the use of various functions.

It is also customary to distinguish between the oscilloscope according to the method of processing the input signal on analogue and digital.

There are also classifications according to the number of beams: single beam, two-beam etc. the Number of rays can reach 16 or more.

In addition to these variations there are oscilloscopes, combined with other measuring devices. They are called scopometer.


As mentioned above, the oscilloscope is a device to study the amplitude and time parameters of an electrical signal. That's why oscilloscopes found a wide use in electronics and radio engineering, where they are used for more precise diagnosis and understanding of oscillatory processes in the electronic circuits.

With the help of this device it is possible to estimate not only the oscillation frequency, how much the shape and pattern of oscillatory processes. Also with the help of an oscilloscope it is possible to find the interference or distortion of the pass of the electric pulse in different nodes of the diagram.

Today it is one of the most important devices in electronics. It is used in applied laboratory research purposes, for monitoring and study of electrical signals.

Use the oscilloscope found and in television broadcasting. In this field it is used for periodic and operational control of quality indicators of the television system and its individual links.

The traces of the oscilloscope left in the gaming industry. It was his screen served as a display for one of the first video game Tennis For Two. It was a virtual version of tennis.

Advice 4: What is the PCB and where it is applied

Modern production of all fields are increasingly drawn to natural materials. Many of them have really unique properties. One example may be the PCB is entirely natural and is used in many fields.
Sheet the PCB in the cut.

What is the PCB

The PCB is a structural laminate, which is obtained by hot pressing of cotton fabrics. Tissues, in turn, is impregnated with a thermoset binder based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. Sometimes as impregnation use polyester, phenol-formaldehyde, epoxy, polyimide, furan, silicone resins or thermoplastics.

However, thanks to cotton fabric this material has the compressive strength, high impact strength and is resistant mechanical processing: drilling, cutting or stamping.

All these qualities determine the scope of use of the PCB - manufacturing of parts, loaded by alternating electric and mechanical loads or by friction.

Additionally, the PCB is a great insulator.

In General, the properties of the material largely depend on the properties of the tissue and the binder constituting the PCB, and the technology of its manufacture.

In this connection distinguish textolite, organotoxicity, fiberglass plastics, asatellite, pretextuality and bushaltestelle. And the tissues themselves differ in their weave, thickness and surface density.

The scope of application of the PCB

The PCB has found application in many areas. For example, it is widely used in electrical and electronics as an insulating material or insulator.

Because of its abrasion and vibration resistance it is used for friction parts - bearings, bushings, rings, washers and so on. Some versions of the PCB used in the chemical industry for corrosive environments.

In addition it is used for work in transformer oil and in air under normal humidity of the environment at the current frequency of 50 Hz.

Machinery and equipment, details of which are made of PCB and its derivatives, significantly increase the productivity of the enterprise as a whole.

Distinguish between leaf and core PCB.

The PCB sheet is a polymer designed for laying buffer layer in electrical products. It is a composite compressed and impregnated with a resin composition cotton fabric.

The PCB core is a special form of layering of the same cotton material. This method of winding allows the use of PCB in the fields related to the work under high voltage.
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