You will need
  • - invoice;
  • - book sales record.
Fill in for each product sold, services rendered or work separate account fact under the serial number, which should be conducted only on an advance invoice. Fill the document can only blue or black ink, with no corrections, deletions, and erasures. If you spend several goods or services on one invoice, you will get a huge fine. The same provision applies to cases, if you forget to lock the issued advance invoice in the sales book will be a revision of the tax office. It threatens not only fines but also criminal prosecution and suspension of work of the enterprise for up to 9 months.
In the appropriate column write the full name of your organization, taxpayer identification number.
In the graph information about the buyer provide the full name of the organization or individual, taxpayer, legal entity or home address. When mail clearly write not only all the details of the recipient, but also postcode.
Complete the appropriate column on the product, service or work. In field value, enter the full value of the goods, services or works. Please complete the tax rate. It is necessary to specify the percentage of the recorded value and the full cash equivalent in thousands of rubles and kopecks. Sign the invoice and stamp of their organization intended for payment documents.
Fill in all invoices no later than 5 working days after receiving the order. Immediately make the room and all the information about issued invoice in the book keeping of sales. The appropriate box must be signed the chief accountant and the head of the company.
Enter all information about each of the advance invoice in 1C. This can be done immediately or to provide all the information once a quarter for routine report before the tax inspection. By law, you must produce a quarterly report.