You will need
  • Windows operating system, system registry, computer game FIFA Manager.
Create records in different versions of this game has virtually no differences in one version, the keys are created in the same registry branch, and the other, respectively, the keys have different location. After system startup, click the start menu, select Run, in the opened window type regedit.
In the program, navigate to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREEA SportsFIFA Manager 08. In this folder you must find the key installing program Install dir. The absence of this key indicates that the work of the installer during the installation of the game.
To create this key, press the right mouse button on a free space on the registry editor, click "Create" then select "String value". Enter the name of the new key to Install dir. Specify the path to the installed game, by double-clicking the new key. To save the data, just leave the registry editor.
For game FIFA Manager 09 need to perform almost the same. In the registry editor, you must find the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREEA SportsFIFA Manager 09 and create the Install dir key, if such key does not exist. Specify the path to the installed game and verify your changes by running the game.
For the game FIFA Manager 10 do the same, then check the result of our work.