Often it's a failure of some constituent strips of the blinds themselves. The most vulnerable part is the cord, which adjusts the blinds. Can also quickly break the mechanism that is responsible for the proper operation of the cord. Note that this part is the most important. If it breaks, some people just throw the blinds or leave them hanging in a failed state. However, this breakdown is quite simple to fix.
Special attention should be given to the problem related to wear of the cord of the blinds. Every day people are pulled to adjust the blinds so the cord often does not stand up and breaks. This is not common, nevertheless, it could happen. To solve this problem you just need to tie loose pieces of string the other cord. Now you can use it on. If the fit of the cord is under a closed box the mechanical part, you need to open it and to adhere to the remnants of the old cord is part of the new. The cord for the blinds can be purchased in any hardware and building store. You can also find them in outlets, which offer blinds to order, and also sell curtains. Before buying, always measure the height of your shutters that need repair. You should also try to know the exact width of the blinds.
Repair is best done together. The fact that you will need to remove the mechanical shutters to replace the torn cord, and it is inconvenient to do alone. It should also be noted that in the design there is a special hole, into which can be threaded a new cord. Thread it through the hole and connect with the old cord. Can be used for connection clips. You can also do the usual bundle, which should not interfere with the movement of the cord through the hole.