You will need
  • A computer with a powerful graphics card and a minimum of 512Mb memory, the programs Power Point or Windows Movie Maker, photo or video camera, microphone.
Collect the material for future excursions. These can be either pictures, footage or video material. Think about how you will start your tour that will happen in time, and how to make it interesting. This is necessary in order to understand the principle that you need to choose the material. Organize all the information you have into the script. From it should be clear that when you show up.
Run a computer program in which you will collect all the material of the tour. If you are doing a presentation, then choose the Power Point. Spread all of the photos in the order in which they should be according to the script. Sound can be recorded in the same program, but you will need a microphone. In the "settings" tab in the "slide Show" click "Record narration". Save the project. Virtual tour is ready.
To create a virtual tour in the form of a film, go to the Windows Movie Maker. Create a project, select the format in which you shot the video, specify the save directory. Click File -> Import and select all the video files that you want to use.
Distribute all video on the track according to the scenario. Click File -> Export and specify where to save the movietour. In the future, using the program Nero to create a DVD with a film.