The first thing to consult an expert. Verify the functionality of your room, the condition and quality of the Foundation, the load on the floor (chemical, mechanical), whether you need decorative floorsand much more.
The vast majority of protective and decorative coatings floorand is made on the basis of genderuretanovyj and epoxy compounds. Metilmetakrilata floors the IP offloorswill esults extremely rare due to the high cost of materials. Most importantly, what should pay attention when choosing a liquid floorand it's specifications and operating room usage.
If you need to make a loading floor in the premises of the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, commercial or utility buildings, objects of consumer services, feel free to choose self-leveling floors based on epoxy formulations. These coatings are characterized by high resistance to chemically aggressive substances. But they're pretty fragile and not very flexible, so it is not recommended to use them where possible to mechanical and abrasive loads (abrasion) on the surface.
If you need to choose self-leveling floors for the food processing industry (meat factories, oil mills), production workshops (woodworking, machine-building) industrial refrigerators, freezers and similar objects, choose genderuretanovyj genders. They are very resistant to chemical and mechanical loads, withstand extremes of temperature. Polyurethane coatings are also used in areas with strong vibration and abrasive loads.
Industrial load on the surface cannot be compared with the loads in civil space. For example, in a bathroom, where high humidity, preferably the IPfloorisolate epoxy floors. But in a living room is preferable to choose a genderyurmanova coating. So for your apartment can choose any. The main requirement for floors, if it is done in the apartment his appearance.
When choosing a liquid floorand remember that this type offloorcoating professional durable. You can repeatedly change the trim of the walls, floors, ceilings, but professionally made self-leveling floor change will be difficult.