You will need
  • - accompanying instruments;
  • - the chords to a song;
  • - access to the Internet.
The founders of the group "lube" - I. Matvienko, and N. Rastorguev. The group has existed since 1989 and performs works in the genres of folk music, art song, chanson and rock music. Name the team got through its initial national-Patriotic orientation (lyuber, i.e. the inhabitants of Lyubertsy was unveiled for the protection of national Soviet culture from Western influence).
The song "Call me" in the original treatment recalls the romance: loose orchestration, arpeggiated passages, a small amount of jewelry and henchmen, a lot of attention to the singer-soloist. When performed in the home should follow the same manners.
To play the song on guitar or on piano or another instrument to play the accompaniment (accordion, accordion, etc.). The guitar is preferable to play too much. Keyboard instruments beware of performance bass octave passages. Best arrangement – arpeggios in the left hand and duplicated the melody in the right.
For valuable ideas refer to the original recording. Listen instrumental losses, pick them up by ear, perform on an accompanying or additional tool. During losses increase dynamics. On the verses play quieter, especially if the singer has a strong voice: lots of sounds will not let the listeners to hear it.
To pick up the chords of the song optional: known sites offer popular music in several formats, from audio to tablature and chords. In particular, on the specified in the sources is the chords to the song "Call me".