In accordance with Norwegian law to the nationality of Norway in two ways: 1) by right of inheritance, if one or both parents are Norwegian subjects (filiation); 2) a formal petition filed by an alien residing in Norway and the relevant requirements of the law requirements (naturalization). It is easy to imagine that for most foreigners is only possible the second option.
To obtain a citizenship of Norway , the applicant must meet the following conditions:
- be over 18 years of age (this does not apply to children who have parents Norwegians);
- be resident in Norway for 7 years out of the last ten (for foreigners married to citizens of Norway, this period is reduced to 5 years);
- must have a valid residence permit;
- have no criminal record, not to be a member of any terrorist groups or organizations and does not suffer from a mental illness (not to be subjected to forced psychiatric treatment);
- training course of the Norwegian language in the amount of 300 training hours or to have a document certifying the command of the Norwegian or Sami languages.
It is important to remember that the current residence permit needs to be not only at the time of filing the application for citizenship, but also on the entire period of review. The procedure for obtaining citizenship is not a basis for extension of the residence permit, so if his term ends (usually the residence permit is valid for 1 year), you must take care of its renewal in advance, at least a month before the final date.
There is also a number of exceptions to the established rules for obtaining citizenship of Norway. In particular, for residents of one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) the period required to stay in the country is reduced to 2 years. For people older than 18 years and not having any citizenship at all, the conditions for obtaining Norwegian citizenship is significantly mitigated. As well, certain exceptions apply to persons having the status of "refugee" or "expert." Each case is considered individually, so the full information on conditions for obtaining citizenship can only be obtained in the relevant authorities.
Petition for citizenship may any alien in the Management of immigration of Norway or in any Department of Affairs of Administration.