Advice 1: How to make propolis

Propolis is a bee product that is used in medicine in the form of alcohol tinctures and water. Fresh raw material is reminiscent of softened clay – bees use it on the cracks in the hive and close the cell. To get the desired effect from this medication, it is important not to buy a fake and the right to dissolve the propolis.
How to make propolis
You will need
  • - Ethyl alcohol 70-degree
  • - Propolis
  • - Mortar (mill, hammer and canvas) for grinding of raw materials
  • - Fridge
  • - Glass container
  • - Pharmaceutical preparations of propolis
  • Annotation to medication
  • - Consultation of the doctor
Prepare alcohol tincture of propolis independently. Depending on the prescription, the concentration of this product of beekeeping you can make from 5% to 50%. Often used 20% tincture. For her to need 100 ml of 70 ° ethanol and 20 g of propolis.
- Give propolis freeze in the refrigerator for up to a fragile state. Grind it in a mortar or grinder. Can be enjoyed raw with a piece of clean cotton cloth and pound it with a hammer;
- Pour the propolis and alcohol in a glass container and close tightly. Steep for a fortnight at room temperature, every day, thoroughly shaking the vessel.
You can make a "quick" alcohol tincture of propolis, if you want to use the tool. To do this, take the components in the right proportions; propolis grind, and alcohol heat in a water bath to 50 degrees (not boil!). Stir in the powder and stir until dissolved.
Pour the propolis tincture in a bottle of dark glass and put in a cool place (e.g. in a wooden Cabinet with blind doors). To store propolis in the refrigerator is not recommended, as excessive exposure it may lose its healing properties. Pre-infusion, you can strain or pour the upper liquid before each use without disturbing the sediment.
Use alcohol tincture only by prescription and in the recommended doses. Eliminate allergies - usually a negative reaction is happening to all the bee products. Dissolve propolis need in very small proportions. So, to lift the immunity times a day taking only 15 drops of tincture in a glass of water. Overdose this means, however, can depress the immune system.
Dilute propolis tincture, depending on the specific disease. For example (mixing ratio for adults):
- With a cold - tablespoon water 10 drops;
- For rinsing sore throat - 10 ml / 100 g of water;
- Gastric ulcer add 20 drops in milk and drink one hour after meals 3 times a day;
- With otitis media in the ear canal is injected gauze rolls soaked in propolis.
Buy in a drugstore ready-made products based on propolis. Doctors often prescribe aqueous suspension (especially children) both internally and externally. It contains extract active substances of propolis in a small amount. Hoods are also used with the approval of the beauticians. When diluted propolis oil or vaseline, the ointment has a regenerative effect on the skin and fights fungus.
Dilute aqueous suspension of propolis is usually recommended in boiled water. For example:
- 1:1 for irrigation and the manufacture of a lotion for wounds and ulcers. Propolis kills germs and acts as a local analgesic;
- 1:2 – for antibacterial and antiviral drops in conjunctivitis and rhinitis. During epidemics of influenza prevention can be instilled diluted suspension into the nose to 5 drops 2 times a day.
Be careful when buying propolis on the market from an unknown retailer – sometimes under the guise of this precious healing tools sell wax. Real propolis is a dark brown color (you may shade of green) and smells like wax. Try a piece of propolis taste: you should have a slight burning sensation in the mouth and tongue slightly numb. Alcohol propolis tincture should have a dark brown color and smell like wood resin. The taste of her tart, with bitterness.

Advice 2: How to build a suspension Sumamed

Sumamed is an effective antibacterial agent, which is appointed at diseases of the upper respiratory tract and ENT-organs, inflammation of the joints and skin, infectious diseases of the urogenital area and in some other cases. For young children the drug is available in form of suspension, but its preparation has its own characteristics.
How to build a suspension Sumamed
Sumamed administered to children starting from the age of one year. This is because by the year the child weighs about 10 kg, namely upon reaching this level the drug can be used in pediatric patients. Big children your doctor may prescribe this antibiotic and at an earlier age, but the tolerability of the medication will have to watch more carefully.
In the vial containing 17 g of powder (400 mg of the active substance azithromycin) pour 12 mg distilled or boiled water. Use a syringe to withdrawal were accurate. Vigorously shake the vial until the powder is completely dissolved. 23 ml of medications that happens after the mix azithromycin with water is enough for the treatment of a child aged under two years of age (weighing up to 13 kg). Each scoop (5 ml) of the finished suspension contains 100 ml of antibiotic. This dosage shown this age group to achieve therapeutic effect. The drug is taken once a day for three days, but thanks to prolonged effect, the concentration of antibiotic in the body is stored for some time.
Children weighing more than 13 kg, is shown receiving slurry "Sumamed Forte". Its difference from the conventional Sumamed is higher content of antibiotic in one scoop. In a bottle containing 800 mg of azithromycin, add 12 ml of distilled or boiled water, and then shake it until complete dissolution of the powder. One scoop of the prescription contains 200 ml of the antibiotic. This amount is sufficient for the treatment of children weighing less than 20 kg.
If you dilute the suspension in the vial containing 1200 mg Sumamed, add 18 ml of water. The content of the antibiotic in one scoop is the same as in the previous case, but the drug will get twice.

Advice 3: How can I give propolis to children

Propolis is a unique tool that can help in the fight against many childhood diseases. In addition, it has no side effects and does not irritate the internal organs of the child. But in order for propolis benefits the baby, you need to properly use it.
How can I give propolis to children
Before you give your child propolis, test for allergic reactions. For this tincture of propolis oil nogtevoy bend at the crumbs and leave. If no allergies, repeat the procedure again. Then, if all goes well – can begin to give the baby propolis, starting with small dosages and gradually increasing them.
Propolis tincture it is necessary to give the child in the following amount: 1 drop of tincture for each year of life. For example, a three-year kid 3 drops of tincture of propolis, stir to dissolve 1 teaspoon of warm water and give 3 times a day before each meal. The course is 5-10 days. This recipe is suitable for 10% tincture of propolis purchased in a pharmacy or prepared independently.
To prepare a tincture of propolis at home, take 5 grams of raw material in 50 ml 75% alcohol (or 45 milliliters of 96% alcohol). Propolis, cut into small pieces, pour alcohol and insist in a dark place for 10 days, shaking jar daily. Then strain the infusion and store in the refrigerator.
For the treatment of bronchitis and asthma in children boil 1 liter of milk, add 50-70 grams of crushed propolis, stir thoroughly for 7-10 minutes, then strain through 4-5 layers of gauze and pour into a glass dish. After cooling, remove the wax layer from the surface. The resulting infusion give your child 2-3 times a day 1 tablespoon 40 minutes after a meal. In medical purposes can use this solution for 4 weeks.
For the treatment of angina in children 1 tablespoon of tincture of propolis mixed with 3 tablespoons of pharmaceutical glycerine. Lubricate the child's throat with a cotton swab dipped in this composition 3-4 times. After this procedure 20 minutes, you cannot eat or drink.
Before you apply propolis, please consult your pediatrician.

Advice 4: Candles with propolis and their application in gynecology

Treatment of prostatitis, gynecological diseases and hemorrhoids is performed in modern medicine with the help of candles on the basis of propolis. The actuality of the product is its efficiency, as the mucous membrane tends to easily absorb the healing substances, propolis is the owner of healing properties since ancient times. Spectrum, and the purpose of the candles can be different. Include anti-inflammatories, and painkillers.
Candles with propolis

Candles with propolis

If you want immediate treatment of inflammatory processes, the candles with propolis ideal for this. Do not forget that whatever the disease was not before to acquire and use the tool, you need to go to a doctor for tests, medical examinations and only after that start treatment.

It is important to know what stage of development began in the disease. In some cases there are replacement patterns for other drugs. Candles with propolis available in every pharmacy. Their cost is different and depends on the composition and the country in which they were produced. In the treatment it is recommended to strictly follow the instructions, if the doctor has prescribed a different dosage. If the doctor gave a different recommendation, then you need to follow expert advice.

The effect of the candles with propolis starts almost immediately. The active substances tend to be quickly absorbed into the body, the liver and the stomach will not be affected. The load on the internal organs is small, so a medicinal substance quickly hit the target, avoiding harmful for them gastric juice. The candles have the same effectiveness as the injections, but the first more purposefully.

Candles with propolis in gynecology

With the help of candles with propolis treated such women's diseases as bacterial vaginosis, parametritis, colpitis, vaginitis, candidiasis, thrush and erosion. They are ideal for the treatment of diseases that affect the vagina, cervix and vulva. This drug is aimed at relieving inflammation, reducing pain and discomfort and temperature decrease in some cases.

Petrovia candles with propolis

This medicine kills germs, viruses and bacteria, used as wound healing and anti-inflammatory drugs. Candles with propolis helps to start the regeneration of tissue, so the injury is healing much better. This drug reduced the level of occurrence of inflammation and increases the immune system of the body.

Treatment with candles is carried out after the prescription. Usually applied twice a day vaginally or rectally. The duration of treatment from five days to a week. This kind of candle is good if there are fresh or healing injuries. For inflammation will need a different medicine.
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