Evergreen tree, Siberian cedar is called a unique remedy for all diseases. Therapeutic uses of its bark, needles, resin, essential oils, fruits, nuts and even wood.

Patients with respiratory problems undergoing treatment in sanatoriums, located in the cedar forests, because even the fragrance of this tree has amazing healing powers, in addition he is also sterile.

It is scientifically proven that herbs and plants, gathered near this tree contain much more vitamins and minerals. The list of diseases for which cures cedar, huge.

Useful properties of vodka on the pine nuts

Alcoholic tincture of the fruit of the cedar was used centuries ago by native people of Siberia for the treatment of colds and lung diseases. They rubbed the body, they were taken inside with a hot drink, made lotions and potions.

The effectiveness of such treatment are legends in the diaries and records of royalty is no mention of this drug. In later scientific works mentioned useful properties of cedar tincture for the treatment of cancer, joint problems and even gynaecological disorders, e.g. uterine fibroids.

How to cook cedar tincture

To prepare the tincture use whole nuts, just the kernel or the shell. There are many recipes, according to some, nuts or parts of them should be crushed, but in most cases, used whole nuts. Before using them you must prepare – thoroughly washed under running water, remove core shells, rinse 2-3 times with boiling water and allow to dry. Thus from the surface of the shell is removed, the resin which may impart an unpleasant bitterness to the drink.

After these manipulations the nuts you need to pour vodka in bulk containers and put in a dark place with a temperature below room temperature, but in any case not in the fridge. The drink is ready to drink in 30 days. Every day you must shake the contents, but the cover is not recommended. A common formulation assumes these proportions: one Cup walnuts with a volume of 200 ml is taken 1.5-2 liters of vodka a fortress no more than 40º.

According to a more ancient formulation, the capacity of dark material with a volume of half a liter, cover peeled nuts and pour up to the top of the so-called liquor - very strong brew. This drink will be ready in 10 days and has a rich taste but much lighter in color. Many recipes suggest supplements of various herbs, honey or sugar, roots mint, cinnamon and even vanilla to taste.

The shelf life of the tincture, prepared according to any recipe, not limited timeframe. The taste of the drink is reminiscent of cognac, like the color, the finish is oak. Treatment is usually at least a month. But without consultation with your doctor can apply a tincture of cedar is not recommended.