Drain on alcohol

- plum – 3 kg;
- sugar – 2 glasses;
- alcohol – 2 glasses;
- water – 2 cups.

Plums wash and dry on a paper towel. Cut in half and remove the pits. Place the berries in a bottle or jar of suitable size and pour the alcohol and water. Stir well, close the stopper and store in a dark place. After 5 weeks, add the sand, shake the bottle and take another 5 weeks (shake periodically). After this time, strain the contents through a strainer or 2 layers of cheesecloth. Bottle, close the tubes and put in storage in a dark place.

Can use alcohol instead of cognac. Get a strong alcoholic drink with a amazing and rich bouquet of flavors and aromas.

Plum liqueur with mint

- plums – 1 kg;
- vodka – 1 liter;
- sugar – 1 glass;
- water – 3/4 Cup;
- mint – 5-6 sprigs with buds.

Wash plums, drain and remove pits. Cover berries with vodka and leave in a warm place. After 2 weeks, strain. Next: sugar and a small amount of water make a syrup, i.e., bring the mixture of sugar and water while stirring until boiling. Turn off the heat and carefully, a thin stream pour the strained plum brandy into the hot syrup. Mix thoroughly. At the bottom of the prepared clean bottle put sprigs of mint, pre-petalcingo in a mortar. Again strain the slyv'yanka, fill the bottle, tightly close the tube and store in a dark place. A day or two the drink is ready for consumption.

Tincture from dried plums

- prunes, pitted – 100 g;
- vodka – 0,5 l;
- sugar – 1/2 Cup;
- citric acid – 2 g.

Prunes pour over boiling water, and then rinse under running water. Put it into a bottle or jar. Stir in the sand and citric acid. Fill it with vodka. Shake the bottle and identify in a dark place for 10 days. Daily shake the contents. Approximately a week future some slivovitz acquire a beautiful color, and will continue to be its saturation and intensity. After another 3-4 days, strain the contents of the bottle, pour into a clean container, close tight lid and store it away safely in a dark place or serve.


- plums – 6 kg;
- sugar – 3 kg;
- water – 3 cups.

Do not wash the plums, they should remain whitish patina. Carefully remove the bones. Place berries in a large glass container (eg, a 20-liter bottle). Mix sugar with water and pour over plums. Tie the neck with gauze and put on 3 days in a warm place (in the sun). Periodically shake the bottle, tilt it so the contents were mixed. When signs of fermentation – bubbles and foam on the surface of the gauze from the neck and put clear water seal or, in the absence of, put on the neck of a rubber medical glove. When the water trap has stopped bubbling, and the gauntlet of opal that tells about the end of the fermentation process, strain the contents of the bottle through a double layer of cheesecloth and pour into bottles, tightly closed tubes. After 2 months, the plum is ready to eat.