Describe the dish succinctly, without going into too much detail. Guests do not need to get tired of ten lines talking about one single dish. Your task is to help the visitor to see as much as possible your suggestions and choose what is more suitable for him.
Focus on the ingredients. Especially this point is important for those dishes which includes exotic and rare products imported from abroad and famous for all over the world. Specify the country from where you obtained the ingredients.
Tell us about the way of cooking. The client will be interested to penetrate into the Holy of holies of the restaurant and look over the shoulder of the chef. Specify the method that was used in the manufacture of food, mark it unique advantages for this product (retention of nutrients, sealing juice on the inside and so on).
Share your unique offers. Bread, using flour from France or eggs brought from the farm owned by the restaurant - all this will elevate the status of your restaurant in visitors ' eyes.
Don't neglect the adjectives. Use as many words as possible, unobtrusive advertising dish (exquisite, delicate, thin, rich, spicy, rich, etc.).
Focus on the combination of foods included in the meals. You can, for example, to specify the country in which it was first invented.
Teach your waiters to communicate with customers. If asked to recommend a dish, he should not have called one or two at random and say they are just delicious. The description of the dish by the mouth of the staff is of great importance, it should be unobtrusive advertising, and a reason to return to your establishment.