You will need
  • brush;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - spray paint;
  • - gloves;
  • - protective mask;
  • - stencils.
Old metal chandelier can be painted. She will be beautiful and bright, will decorate the interior for many years. Get an alkyd enamel, acrylic paint or spray paint. Alkyd enamel is holding up better than other colors. It needs to be applied in several layers.
Clean and degrease the metal parts of the chandelier (with sandpaper and acetone). With a brush apply the first coat of enamel. Wait until it fully dries. Then paint the details of the chandelier again until you get the desired color effect (saturated or subtle colors). Remember that acrylic enamel has a very unpleasant smell, so it is desirable to work in the home – better in the fresh air or at least on the balcony.
Art acrylic very well placed on the metal, however, it is not resistant. If you decide to use this method of painting, keep in mind that you will need to update the color of the chandelier every two to three months. You can also cover the acrylic paint with varnish so the color will be bright over the long term.
Close all around the paper or papers, if are going to paint metal chandelier with paint, spraying it from the spray. This is the fastest way to upgrade a chandelier but not very convenient, as the paint is sprayed in all directions. Prepare the surface for painting. Dust, sand smooth with sandpaper, degrease with acetone. Stir the contents of the container, shaking it – it will make the color uniform and prevent clogging of the sprayer.
Conduct a test spraying, by pressing gently on the sprayer. Hold the container upright, spraying a thin layer of paint at a distance of 25 cm in order to achieve the most saturated colors, paint the surface in several layers, making the break between each drawing for two or three minutes.
Color or paint the glass shades (matte, glossy, transparent) in any color you like. To do this, purchase a special paint intended for glass painting (sold in stores for artists). Paint your design or pattern that suits to the overall interior of your home. Use ready-made stencils (make your own Il buy in stores for artists), if you doubt your artistic talents.