Terrorism is a word that evokes horror, fear and sympathy simultaneously. Remembering the footage of terrorist acts, transmitted on television a mix of feelings overflows. To have committed this crime, or rather, a horrible thing, and there are two conflicting attitudes. It: pity and hatred. The first feeling arises from the realization that this man is just a pawn for terrorist acts is a lot of people. The second because he still did not have gone out to him the path. But as they say, with the good judge, but if all the sorrow is touched, the view was completely different.

Problem of terrorism as a factor putting pressure on society

Terrorism is primarily a problem not of one country but the entire world community. Since terrorist acts are thundering around the world. As a result they killed many people, many families suffered, and the infrastructure of cities. But the eradication of terrorism is a daunting task and yet in the world there is crime, it becomes almost unsolvable. As the main income of terrorists is selling in the illicit market of arms and drugs.

Another significant problem of terrorism is the involvement of children. Them from birth, preparing for their mission. For anybody not a secret that under less suspect is the child, so it is easier to penetrate, because the inspection stations are made mostly for adults.

The global problem of terrorism

In today's world is a fierce struggle with terrorist organizations, to achieve success in which is applied a variety of methods. The struggle only through fighting does not give the desired result, because if we destroy one extremist group, in its place formed another. Therefore used against terrorists as political, economic and information methods. Creation of specific units, activities which combines the fight against terrorists and criminals. One such well-known organizations is the Interpol (International police). From a political point of view we can note the introduction of bills to restrict or prohibit to carry arms. Information practices — is primarily anti-terrorist propaganda, it is no wonder on TV, the Internet and Newspapers terrorism are presented in all colors.

Terrorism is a terrible manifestation of extremism, which leaves the majority untouched.