To clean up the floorand cement mortar, you need to start to cover it. On the floor isnot free of debris and cement dust. Then, using long smooth slats check for smooth surface floors. If necessary, knock the excess layer of cement mortar using ordinary chisel orgenderthread troughs with mortar of cement and sand, which take in the ratio 1:3. After you floor iscompletely leveled the surface of the floorand can be engaged in laying the new linoleum. Sometimes people are placed first, the old, and on top of it new linoleum.
Then you can go to the store and purchase the linoleum. He must lie down for some time at home. After that it can be cut out and lay on the floor. When cutting linoleumbut be sure to consider racesgenderogenie the floorof Autun in the room. If linoleum mramorovidnyj or monochrome, then you need to put in the direction of light. Thus, it will be racesgenderto aghatise perpendicular to the outer walls. Such a stacking allows you to better hide the seams. The floor is a monolith. If you decide to lay on the floor linoleumthat has a figure, his pieces have racesgenderto agate in the longitudinal direction of the room. They should be parallel to the outer walls with the obligatory strict convergence pattern.
Now in DIY stores you can choose the linoleum, which has a different width and length. Commercially available linoleum of different widths. If you have the room is small, then it's best just to lay on the floor a piece of linoleum. Thus, gender will be no joints. If the room has a large area, and to find linoleum of the desired width is simply impossible, then you need to put several pieces. However, the joints should not be at the center of the room. At the center of the room, that is, its axis of symmetry, laid the whole floorOSU — wall to wall, and on the remaining sides two small area not covered linoleumOhm, from the same exact floorwasps to cut out two narrow floorsof otna so that the pattern at the joints the floorAutun floorcompletely coincided.