Way invisible seamless joints of linoleum is made using a special glue called cold welding. The seam is made by using cold welding, is very strong, and with proper cropping the edges of the linoleum still completely invisible. Ensure that glue did not get on hands and linoleum.
Cold welding can be of several types, depending on the type of floor covering. For rigid or office use linoleum cold welding type A, which is more liquid, which makes the stitches almost invisible and felt only to the touch. For repair of old linoleum is more suitable for dense cold welding type, because it is capable of filling even large opening. After machining the weld formed, the excess adhesive that must be removed after drying. For outdoor coatings based on polyester is the perfect cold welding of type T. This type of cold welding is often used.
Invisible seam connecting the linoleum, making the correct edge cutting. Before trimming you want to leave the linoleum in the unfolded state for at least 48 hours in order to have it straightened. If the linoleum has already been glued before, you need to release the edges at a distance of one palm width from the cut.
The seam was smoother on the cut, you need to use a sharp knife and a ruler, preferably metal. Huge value has a pattern, located on the linoleum, because the cutting is complicated by the fit. Trim should be one piece to another by overlapping in the 8-12 cm Then simultaneously cut both pieces along the line drawn on the center is made of overlap. If the seam is quite long, this work will be difficult to do alone, so it's best to call for backup.
After alignment of the joints can begin to cold welding, which is done with a special adhesive, which can be purchased in each hardware store. At the junction of the pieces of linoleum is glued to the masking tape and then the exact center cut cutter. In the resulting seam is filled with glue with a needle, located at the end of the tube. After the glue dries, the tape is removed and the surface wiped with a damp cloth. Please note that glue is hazardous to health, so work should be carried out with the use of protective equipment and in a well ventilated room.