The most proven method is the cry. Go to the forest or other location where there are no people, and no one's astonish. Plenty to shout about 30 minutes. It should be a scream with anguish, turning into a squeal. Or attend a rock concert, a shout out there to support your favorite artist. You can shout at demonstrations, defending the fact that heart expensive. The result is excellent hoarseness, which will be held in two days.
Holodnogo drink milk (it must be ice cold, straight from the fridge). It is advisable before doing this to warm up the body by exercise and pretty sweat. In such cases, also helps open the wide open balcony and window in the next room (draught). Just keep in mind that the way you get not only a hoarse voice, but the whole bouquet, accompanied by cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat.
Drink for the night a little alcohol, preferably strong. Surely you have noticed that after heavy fazlani by morning, your voice becomes hoarse. Just be careful - and haircut.
Try in conversation with a woman to make your voice more powerful, and more specific thoughts (thinking you have about a woman in the most direct natural value). Your voice will become deeper and more seductive.
Wait until 23-25 years, if you haven't yet crossed this threshold. The growth of the male ends of the vocal cords at this age, and your voice he will acquire the necessary stepg deep and hoarse.