Advice 1: How to make hoarse voice

Vladimir Vysotsky, Nikolai Karachentsov, Grigory Leps, Kay stamps... they Say that husky voice makes men sexier. Most of the above, hoarseness of voice is inherent, speaking about the pathology of the vocal cords. But it is possible to make a husky and deeper voice artificially.
How to make hoarse voice
The most proven method is the cry. Go to the forest or other location where there are no people, and no one's astonish. Plenty to shout about 30 minutes. It should be a scream with anguish, turning into a squeal. Or attend a rock concert, a shout out there to support your favorite artist. You can shout at demonstrations, defending the fact that heart expensive. The result is excellent hoarseness, which will be held in two days.
Holodnogo drink milk (it must be ice cold, straight from the fridge). It is advisable before doing this to warm up the body by exercise and pretty sweat. In such cases, also helps open the wide open balcony and window in the next room (draught). Just keep in mind that the way you get not only a hoarse voice, but the whole bouquet, accompanied by cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat.
Drink for the night a little alcohol, preferably strong. Surely you have noticed that after heavy fazlani by morning, your voice becomes hoarse. Just be careful - and haircut.
Try in conversation with a woman to make your voice more powerful, and more specific thoughts (thinking you have about a woman in the most direct natural value). Your voice will become deeper and more seductive.
Wait until 23-25 years, if you haven't yet crossed this threshold. The growth of the male ends of the vocal cords at this age, and your voice he will acquire the necessary stepg deep and hoarse.
Useful advice
Be careful when doing the above mentioned tips. For a start think you need it? Male charm has not been canceled, and the voice is completely innocent.

Advice 2: How to sing voice

Advice 3: How to make your concert

In the past century, regular public concerts did not exist. Only in the late XVII century London concerts were organized for a fee. And from the eighteenth century, musicians began to travel, that gradually became a custom. Before that was common homemade musical clubs and societies. In our time, for the organization of the concert it is advisable to start cooperation with any public organization.
Immediately go to the masses
Mark the date of the concert. Tie it to any occasion. At this time people are more inclined to communicate with musicians and other artists. Don't be embarrassed, even if this is your first concert. In the occasion it is easier to start and to gather the audience.
Prepare a festive repertoire. Everything has to be perfect. Rehearse the presentation, consider the appearance, way of the master.
Print out the program. To enter the repertoire, performers, brief information about them, contact information. Write why the concert program is right for this holiday. It will be a kind of card that you can leave any responsible person.
Contact any organization. It all depends on your level and degree of confidence. One student of the music school took practice of public speaking. He entered very simple. On March 8 decided to organize a solo concert for classmates and teacher. Everything went right at school, in class. Was pleased with the audience, and he reported to the school of music. And it was invited to participate in a large school concert.You can refer to any plant, in school, in a large company. It is better to go to the organization whose interests you can imagine in the future. After all, if your speech is like, you may be invited to participate in any competition. And such competitions visiting professionals-producers. So can start a career.
Continue. After all, your task - to get to the paid concerts. Go back 1 step. Sooner or later it will catch the eye of a person who will help your dream come true.
Be aware of city events. Mass festivities is a good opportunity to Shine. You have to be ready for it. Contact the Department of culture of your community that you meant.
Useful advice
Everywhere leave your coordinates. Make a website on which you can give the link. People will remember about you after some time. They should be able to find you quickly.

Advice 4: What to do if parents are against a loved one

Unfortunately, not always the opinion of the girl and her parents about a decent life partner match. If your mom and dad don't take your young man, settle this question, or be resolve and make your choice.
Fight for your love

Talk to your parents

In any case it is necessary to clarify the situation. Find out from their parents why they are against your relationship with your boyfriend. Try to understand their position. Perhaps it is justice and logic. There are times when the parents ' opinion on the matter worth listening to. After all, they have rich life experience.

In some situations the claims of parents to the guy is not justified. Maybe it happened due to lack of information or misinterpretation of any facts. Forget your doubts mom and dad, telling the truth about your man. Behave correctly. No need to make scandal, you will just make it worse.
If the parents don't trust your choice and think you are too young, naive and inexperienced, their capricious behavior, you only further convince them of the correctness.

On the contrary, show that you are a sensible girl when you select your guy weighed all "for" and "against" and which has become well aware of the young man before you trust him with your heart.

Discuss everything with the guy

Sometimes it is better to devote your young person in the situation. Do not hide from him that your parents don't like him. If the guy is serious and his attitude towards you is based on sincere feelings, rejection of the future son-in-law mother-in-law and father-in-law should not stop him.

Try together to find a solution. Maybe you need to arrange a meeting of your young person and your parents, to give them a chance to get to know each other better. In advance discuss with your boyfriend how he should behave and what to say. This does not mean that your guy needs to pretend to be someone else, if only to satisfy your parents. It is important when meeting to reveal the desired traits.

Fight for love

If your conversations and attempts to reconcile the mother and father with your choice is not successful, and at the same time, you are sure in your young person and your mutual feelings, fight for your happiness.

You then have to live with the man you chose. Your parents know less than you. In addition, they can't decide for you what to do. In matters of the heart the first thing you need to listen to yourself and not to relatives or friends.
Even if advisers wish you all the best, they can make mistakes in their judgments.

If you will explain to parents and leave to live with her lover, after some time they probably will forgive you and understand. Your successful relationship will be the best proof that they were wrong.
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