It should be remembered that rubber strip that is on each wiper can effectively perform their functions within six months. This field must be replaced or the entire wiper blade or the rubber band itself. In fact, in another case, the brush with the wiper arm should be removed. Any motorist are able to do it yourself — remove the windshield wipers is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

  1. Just to remove the wiper blade from the arm for replacement rubber strips, simply fold the wiper arm up and press down the plastic retainer located on the middle axis of the brush. Depressing the latch at the same time as a slight movement to pull the brush from the lever and replace it with a new or replace the old brush with a rubber band. To replace the rubber bands need to straighten the brackets with one side brush, pull the worn-out rubber band and install the metal clips on the new one. The bend should be directed straight down towards the glass. You can now insert the rubber strip into the brush, and clamp it with the mounting brackets.

  2. If a fault in the wiper mechanism, and replacement need not a brush, and the lever will have to remove the wipers entirely. To do this, open the vehicle's hood and find the black protective cap located on the axis of the lever is found. It must gently pry off. Under the cap is a hex nut, you must Unscrew and remove the washer. The lever should be removed abruptly, pulling him with melkosortnogo connection axis of the wiper.

  3. During installation tighten the levers wipers are required so that the left lever was located at a distance of six inches from the bottom edge of the windshield. Right lever is set in such a way that it reaches the bottom marking on the windshield. All work on the installation of wipers carried out only after the installation of the engine the wiper to its original position.