You will need
  • - wrench set;
  • - frameless wipers.
Select the most suitable frameless wipers. Before that, measure the length of the old and pay particular attention to the size of their brushes and mounting. Modern windshield wipers are made with several fasteners, which greatly simplifies the selection process. There are also frameless wipers heated, which will work even in extreme cold. Heated plugs into the cigarette lighter or directly to the power supply system.
After you select the wipers, proceed to the choice of the place where you will install them. Wash your car windshield and mounts janitors. Then remove the old wipers. First remove them from the brush, then carefully Unscrew the stud and remove the housing of the brush attachment. Then remove the casing wipers to remove the rubber plugs, which are closed bolts. Pick up the set wrench, the most suitable size, and use it to Unscrew the bolts. This should be done very carefully, as they are directly connected to the motors that cause the wipers to move. Unscrewed the bolts and nuts put in one place, so you do not lose anything, otherwise, to fix the wipers will not work.
When all the preparatory work carried out, you can go directly to installing the new wipers. Open the hood of the car and gently push the wire heated wipers through the hole mounts in the engine compartment. Secure the cable so that it does not touch the running parts. Then connect it through a fuse to the button, which includes heated side mirrors or rear window. After fixing slip into the rubber wire cover to prevent it from chafing during operation of the wipers. Then put the rubber gasket on the four-sided pin and put on his mount base janitor. Secure the frame of the wiper with the washer and bolt.
At the end of the lower brush on the windshield, close the hood and be sure to check the efficiency of the new janitors. If they move too slowly, you should slightly loosen the bolts.