You have legal ways to achieve closure of the group Vkontakte. If its content is contrary to the Constitution, calls for violence against a certain group of people, insult the honor and dignity of persons released on any grounds, feel free to write about it in tech support. The administration of the site Vkontakte will consider your complaint and will close the group.
Often Vkontakte people create groups where to advertise their services. It can be photographers, exhibiting samples of their work, or hand-magery that show they created things. Unscrupulous people, eager for easy money, can steal your photos and post them in my group without specifying your authorship, or even for issuing their own. If you have such a history, it is also one of the reasons to complain to tech support. Don't forget to submit proof of the fact of violation of your copyright.
If the administrators group is not doing anything wrong, but you certainly need to close it, you can use the not-quite-legal ways. As you know, Vkontakte is prohibited placement of materials of a pornographic nature. Create another account and post illegal videos and pictures with the subsequent appeal to the administration.
Spam Vkontakte – a fairly common phenomenon. Craftsmen can easily learn the passwords and hack into users ' accounts. If you are determined, refer to the hacker who hacked the account administrator group. Now, entering under his name, you will be able to remove you hated the community. Of course, the rightful owner of the group can later contact and after a few days to restore it.