You will need
  • The Internet.
Go to "My settings" on the page of the website At the bottom of the window you will see the string "Delete page". Click on it, your account will be deleted. Developers provide an opportunity to restore the account and all of its contents at any time. This option is effective for approximately 6 months after the blocking of the page.
Select the option to delete your page from the site Site developers provide two of them: to go back without her. To delete a page with the option to return open your account, the "Settings account". On the next page select at the bottom "Deactivate account", "Delete". Select the reason for withdrawal of the proposed options. Click "Confirm".
Specify the password of the accountand proposed and enter the verification code. Click "Send". It is necessary precautions that are undertaken by developers of the site to protect the accountof users from hacking.
Change the status of your Live journal from "active" to "deleted". This can be done in the tab "Management". Click save. The journal and all his notes and comments to it will be blocked. The developers give a month to restore the log. If after this period, the user activates a log, he will be removed forever.
Remove all entries you have made in LiveJournal communities, and comments left in other journals. On the page "Status of an accountand" tick the right boxes. Click "Save".
Delete your page on the website Go to profile. In the list of possible changes, select "Delete profile". Click this line. You will be asked to enter the password from your page. Do it, hit OK. The page will be deleted immediately.