If you are a photographer, comfortable and durable clothing is what you need. A true professional needs to do their job, while remaining invisible to others. Good practical trousers or jeans with a plain shirt or t-shirt. An additional plus – pants with a comfortable and large pockets. The photographer has his own bag, but in pockets it can quickly put small things, not being distracted from work. For women in photography, the pants are also preferable to skirts and dresses, because during the working process you have to run, jump and pose.
Buy quality comfortable shoes made of natural materials. Sometimes you will have most of the day to spend on your feet, and comfort is a necessity. Soft shoes, sandals or ballet flats leather allow feet to "breathe", and in the evening you are so tired, as from walking in a beautiful but uncomfortable shoes with heels. Male photographers tend to prefer athletic shoes or nice leather shoes.
There are special moments, at the official reception or a business meeting. In these cases, dress accordingly to the event. For family holidays, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, you can choose a more free style. But remember that the job of the photographer to capture the most solemn and the most touching and exciting moments of the celebration, without attracting undue attention.
Studio work or shooting outdoors does not restrict the professional part of the dress code. Here the main thing - comfort, practicality. Photo shoot is often delayed until late in the evening or are in the night time, so don't forget to bring a jacket. Healthy and not distracted by uncomfortable clothes, the photographer is in a good mood and high-quality images for the customers.