With the design and repair of one-bedroom apartments may have a lot of problems. Often these apartments have tiny kitchens and small bathrooms. In this small dimensions you need to place a great number of modern appliances and furniture. Modern designers also claim that to make such a project not so difficult. The main thing to take into account and think about all the nuances.

What should be considered when developing a design project

You first need to remember that in a small room will all of the square corners and ledges must work.

Standard Studio apartment has a small entrance hall, equal to 3-4 sq. m., small size kitchen - 6 to 10 sq. m. and the living room from 13 to 22 squares. And those square meters are required to do and the living room and dining room, and bedroom. A particular challenge is the design of a Studio apartment for family with child. Sometimes no alterations are just not enough.
The only thing you need to remember that under the alterations are due to the work that is done with curtain designs. Otherwise you run the risk of making a housing emergency and dangerous for habitation.

One of the best options of repair of one-bedroom apartments, suitable for a family of two people, is to create the Studio. For these purposes, the demolished partition between the kitchen and the bathroom. This measure increases the quadrature of the apartment and enables more logical and correct to place the furniture, outdoor lighting, etc.

It is also possible to distinguish a bed. You can put the screen and to hide behind her bed with bedside tables or sofa sleeper. And the rest of the room to decorate the living room. The only disadvantage of this plan is that there is no evidence.

If you live in an apartment family with a child, it is possible to move the kitchen into the hallway, and in its place to make a small bedroom. However, such an option is possible only in case if the apartment electric stove.

The space in the apartment must be correctly divided. this will help the various curtains, blackout blinds, sliding partitions. A good example of zoning of space in a small apartment can be finish, i.e., each functional area should have its own floor and ceiling. For distinguishing children's zone, you can use the racks, which are filled with books, magazines, etc.

Alternatively, to increase the area of the apartments by balconies or terraces. Enough to carry a wall or turn it into a small wall. The insulation is warm and the balcony is transformed into a separate room (e.g. bedroom).
Be prepared for the fact that you have to go through consultations with specialists and long-term agreement, to make such repairs and alterations.

In the preparation of the design project one-bedroom apartments, it is good to consider the question of lighting. The best thing to do in the room several points, where to place lamps. Need to calculate the location of all the bulbs so that each functional area had its own lighting. Be careful not to leave any dead dark zones in the apartment. And, of course, in conjunction with the light necessary to consider the location of the outlets in the apartment. If this is not enough, the cost to hire professionals who will hold you additional the wiring and install new outlets in the right places.

Of course, you should consider a bathroom renovation. Everything is here - plumbing, lockers. washing machine, etc. should blend well with the overall bathroom design and toilet. Sometimes the bathroom trying to increase by moving the walls towards the kitchen. However, such maintenance operation requires the permission of special authorities, and many approvals.

Furniture and appliances

In the design project one-bedroom apartments must take into consideration the placement of furniture. The optimal solution for small odnushki will be different-in closets, multi-functional racks and shelves. Also today, there are beds which are not only the place but also the storage for various small items like books, vases, dry tracks, etc.

As for the Wallpaper, it is best to choose those that are light in color. They visually enlarge the space. Also, try to get rid of unnecessary things. They become junk and clutter is noticeably flat.

For kitchen is better to choose furniture glossy. It is due to their specular surfaces also significantly increases space. Also, be aware that the furniture should also be light. The best option would be a kitchen, made to order - it will be perfect in the parameters and will not take up too much space. One more question, which concerns the arrangement of the kitchen, raised the issue of the placement equipment. Experts say that the technique in a Studio apartment with a small kitchen needs to be built.