In flow water heaters heating occurs directly in the process of flow of water through the pipe. Cumulative usually have a stainless steel tank in which the recruitment and subsequent heating.
Carefully read the passport device, pay attention to the installation instructions. Check the electrical wiring in your apartment, a voltage tester and a special flat screwdriver. The outlet for the water heater must be located in a dry place and have a grounding prong. The power supply for the electric heater must be connected by a special line directly from the switchboard.
Select the place (a wall) the location of the water heater. For the water heater, the wall must be strong enough to withstand double the mass of the filled tank. In addition, the heater should be placed as close as possible to the place of hot water usage to avoid unnecessary heat loss. For proper installation of the heater in his kit includes the brackets and strikers. Focusing on the dimensions given in the instructions to drill in the wall at the selected location of the holes using a drill or hammer drill, insert the plastic dowels and dowel - screws. Fasten screws strikers, hang the heater on the plate with brackets.
Connect water heater to water supply system using the pressure relief valve supplied with the device. The cold water pipe connected with the lower outlet of the valve. The warm water pipe connects with an outlet of the heater.
Open the faucet, the cold water supply. In the future, it should always be open. Open the hot water faucet and wait until there will flow water, which would mean the complete filling of the tank. Close the hot water tap and plug the heater into a wall outlet. A few seconds on the control panel indicators will light, turn on the heater by pressing the "Vclick" and program it according to instructions.