You will need
  • - emery
  • - round file
  • - fine-grained whetstone
In order to sharpen skates at home, prepare an ordinary emery (motor, guide plate and grinding wheel). With it, you need to make a gutter (for new skates) or deepen it (for skates, which are very blunt).
Then, using a round file with a diameter of approximately ten millimeters, you must manually bring the correct form of gutter, while at the same time and sharpening the edges. The chute should be doing based on the fact that its depth must be no more than about 0.5-0.6 millimeters. Equally important, to avoid the lowering of the chute in any direction. In order to control, must across of the groove to impose a flat (even) surface. It should be completely perpendicular to the blade (deviation less than 3 degrees). After you complete this procedure, you must use a fine-grained whetstone to remove the burrs.
Some produce a sharpening skates without grooves. This method is much easier. To sharpen ice skates at home without groove (or groove), you'll also need a grinder or file (in the case of a file will have to exert a lot of efforts for sharpening skates). Moreover, as described above, in this method you need to pay attention to the fact that the instrumental hardness of a steel file was higher than the hardness of the alloy from which made the blade. Securing the skates, you need to start sharpening. The principle of sharpening is simple – you need to sharpen the sole of the blade at right angles to its side walls.
After the sharpening you need to verify its accuracy. To produce this operation is simple – you need to see how the skates are on the ice surface. If everything is done correctly, and to stand they will be straight and level.
During the procedure of sharpening skates should be remembered that proper sharpening will depend on the convenience and comfort of skiers.