You will need
  • - access to a computer.
Open the list of your Internet connections and right-click the mouse on the icon of the LAN connection. Click the context menu item "Properties". You should see a small window with several tabs. Go to the one that is responsible for the hardware configurations of your computer, click "configure" under the display adapter you are using.
In the properties window of the adapter go to the advanced tab of the hardware configuration. In appeared on the screen the window you have left to display the options of your Internet connection and the right values that have been assigned.
If you want to change the speed of one of them, find the menu item "link Speed & duplex mode", here you specify the necessary values for the equipment. Depending on the manufacturer of your network card name may take the form of Connection type, Duplex mode,“Link speed, Media type and so on. Read more about the names and the settings of your adapter (if the principle of working with him is radically different from the usual) read the user manual that usually comes with the equipment.
Set the desired value for your Internet connection. Usually network cards, use the value 10Mb, but it all depends on external factors, it is possible that your connection may require special settings. In order to get to know them, contact the technical support of your Internet service provider and know the necessary importance that you need to put in the connection speed.
If you encounter problems with the inability to open the port or not a valid username and password also check the parameters settings connection speed, as they must necessarily meet.