You will need
  • Advanced System Care.
Start with a trivial restart the computer. It is necessary to clean temporary files that are created during operation of Internet browsers. Now open "My computer" and navigate to the properties of the local disk where the operating system is installed. Hit the button "disk Cleanup".
Wait for create list of files that can be removed with the selected local disk. This process can take several minutes. In the menu be sure to select "Temporary files of the Internet"by setting the checkmark. Click Ok and select "Delete files".
Disable unused at the moment of the program and some services. Start with utilities uTorrent, Download Master and Skype. Pay particular attention to the first program. It is better not to leave it running unless absolutely necessary. This utility is actively working with the Internet channel and the hard disk, which may degrade the performance of your PC.
Download software Advanced System Care. Better to download from official website This will save you from the risk of downloading a virus file. Install the utility and restart the computer.
Open Advanced System Care and go to menu "Utilities". Click on the icon "Internet assistant". After the opening window of this utility, activate the item "Autooptimization". Click "Next".
Move the slider so that it points to the speed of the connection, as stated by your ISP. Click the "Optimization". Wait for the tool to perform the necessary manipulations. Then restart the computer.