You will need
    • 200 g cauliflower;
    • 100 ml of baby milk "Theme" or "Agusha";
    • 1 tsp. butter;
    • 1 tbsp flour.
Go to the store or market and select the head color of the cabbage. Well, if blossoms will be without flaws and pochernenija. Color quality cabbage should be ivory. In that case, if fresh cabbage will not be on sale, buy frozen. However, this is already less of minerals and vitamins. In the process of freezing they are lost.
Take cauliflower (frozen – defrost). Remove all damage. Rinse her well. Put in a colander and scald with boiling water. Carefully disassemble on inflorescences.
Put the cabbage in a pot of water, cover with a lid. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Moderate fire (to small) and cook for 20 minutes. The cover must be closed, this is necessary in order not to destroy the vitamins in the Kale.
When the cabbage becomes soft, remove the pan from the heat. Drain the water. Leave it on the table as long as the product cools.
Take a sieve and RUB through it the cabbage. For this purpose, suitable and blender.
In a bowl pour milk, add the tablespoon of flour and mix everything carefully. The ingredients should be well connected. Avoid the appearance of lumps as a young child such food is harmful.
A bowl of milk put on the fire and, constantly stirring, bring to a boil.
In the resulting sauce add the butter and cabbage. Mix. Puree of colored cabbage is ready.