To improve the performance of the system, if you set the hard drive mode is DMA (direct access memory). Call the context menu right click the mouse on the icon "My computer" and select "Properties". Go to the tab "Hardware" and click "device Manager". Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers".
Check the operation mode of each device: call the context menu, activate the option "Properties" and go to the tab "advanced settings". The parameter "transfer Mode" set to "DMA if available".
To optimize the search and writing files, run a disk defragmentation. Right-click on the icon "My computer" and click "Manage". In the list "Storage" select "disk Defragmenter". Swipe defragment all logical drives. During this process, refer to the storage devices is impossible.
In Windows XP system files by default are written to the buffer of the hard disk, speeding up access to them. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 this option must be set manually. Right click the mouse on the icon of the hard disk call drop-down menu and choose "Properties".
Go to the tab "Policy" and tick the checkbox "Enable write caching on the disk". It should be borne in mind that during a power failure data may be lost or corrupted. To improve the reliability of the computer it is better to use UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
If your computer in the background running multiple programs, the system slows down considerably. Press Win+R and in the Open box, type msconfig. Go to the startup tab and uncheck those programs you use only from time to time. Confirm by pressing OK. The changes will take effect after reboot.
By default, the paging file is on the same logical drive as the system. The constant reference to hard disk information from the virtual memory greatly hinders his work. Click the icon "My computer" the right mouse button and choose the command "Properties". Go into the "Advanced" tab and under "Performance" click "Settings".
Again, choose the "Advanced" tab and click "Change" under "Virtual memory". Select the drive on which the system is installed, and move the radio button to "No paging file". To confirm the selection, press "Set".
If the amount of RAM on your computer at least 1 Gb you can do without a swap file. If your virtual memory you need, select a different logical drive and specify the paging file size. Click "Ask" and reboot so the changes take effect.