You will need
  • the program CDSpeed v2.0;
  • the beta program is Speedlock-2.
The minimum and maximum limits of the speed of the drive depend on the specific model. You will not be able to set a higher speedthan that indicated in the feature of your optical drive.
To increase the speed of the drive you need to use special software. One of the easiest to use programs called CDSpeed v2.0. Download from the Internet this tool, it is free. Unpack the archive with the program, there will only be one file. The utility does not require installation - just click on that file double left mouse click.
A small window opens. In the upper part of the window there is a arrow. If you click on this arrow, you will see a list of connected drives. In this list select the drive speed which needs to be increased. Of course, this should be done only if your computer has multiple disk drives.
In the lower left corner of the window it is written the maximum speed of the optical drive, for example, Max 48. Nearby there are two arrows, one of which points up, the other down. Next to them indicates the current speed of the drive. Click on the little arrow pointing up, the left mouse button. The speed of the drive will be increased by 1. Thus, you can increase it as much as you need. After that press Exit. The window will close.
Another little utility to adjust the speed called Speedlock beta-2. It is also free. To run it you need only to unzip and click on the executable file double left mouse click. A window will open. In this window find the line Preferred. Next to the line is the arrow. Click on the arrow and increase the speed of the drive, and then click Apply. After that, the speed of the optical drive will be increased.