A new feature of modern browsers is tabs. Before their function was performed by the window every time you open new link to create a new window. Close tabs in Opera is as simple as a window. To do this, locate the tab bar. It is located below the main menu (in older versions) or top (in new versions). Next to each tab is an icon in the form of a cross, clicking on which closes the tab. Also the tab can be closed by pressing RMB (right mouse button) and selecting "Close".
When you have a lot of tabs to close each in turn, click the right mouse button and select "Close all". If you need only the tab that is currently active, use the context menu (right mouse button) and select "Close all but active". Accidentally closed tab can be returned by clicking on the trash icon in the upper right corner and selecting the desired tab.
There are two kinds of tabs in Opera: it's a private and fixed tabs. The first tabs that will help you stay anonymous in the network, i.e., history, passwords, cookies are stored until opened this tab. When closed, all information is deleted and to restore it anymore. This kind of tabs closed in the usual way. But the second tabs closed otherwise. Fixed tabs cannot be closed until then, until they are unpinned.
To unpin the tab, open the context menu and select "Lock tab". Now the tabs will cross and close above suggested ways. It should be noted that when one of the tabs is locked and you press "Close all" or "Close all but active", the fixed tab is not closed.