You will need
  • - drink plenty of liquids (e.g., tea with raspberries)
  • - antipyretic drugs
  • - milk with soda or mineral water
  • - antiviral drugs
Take the first steps to alleviate the condition before the arrival of the specialist. Go to bed. Weakened body is necessary to create favorable conditions for infection control. The decrease in the level of physical activity is needed to release energy and transmit it to where it is most needed at the moment. Bed rest is necessary to prevent possible complications.
Increase your liquid intake. Drink more. Perfect warm drink in small SIPS, little and often. Brew infusion of rose hips, drink acidic juices and fruit drinks, tea with lemon. The traditional drink is tea with raspberries and it reduces the temperature, causes sweating.
Only bring down a high temperature. Do not take fever-reducing medicines at the slightest increase of temperature is to protect the body, an indicator of how he copes with the infection. If you bring down the temperature prematurely, it can cause dangerous complications. The exception is a bad heat tolerance is an individual feature of the body.
Don't neglect medications. The flu is dangerous possible consequences, so take the drugs prescribed by your doctor. An experienced specialist will determine what will help at this stage of the disease.
Fight the symptoms. Cough, runny nose, red throat can be treated with traditional methods – milk with soda or mineral water, inhalations, nasal lavage, mouth rinse herbal infusions, etc.
Take antiviral drugs. In addition to medication prescribed by a doctor, use home recipes. In the fight against viruses is good to use honey and onion juice (in equal proportions), lemon (without sugar and as much as possible), Fig.
Create conditions for destruction of viruses and microorganisms. To effectively treat the flu at home, it is necessary to isolate the patient from other family members. Often ventilate the room, do wet cleaning, disinfect and moisturize too dry. Handle the dishes of a sick person, give individual bedding and personal hygiene items. Use gauze bandages.