The most simple and reliable way to send free SMS via the Internet, you can use the official sites of the operators. In this case, the delivery of SMS is guaranteed. In some cases you may need to register using your mobile number, but the overall mechanism is the same. You need to go to the official website of the operator, and then to find using the site map or site search form sending free SMS. Select the code of the cell phone recipient, then fill the rest of it and enter the message text. Keep in mind that when writing SMSmessages in the Latin alphabet you will have in stock a greater number of symbols than when using the Cyrillic alphabet. After this you will need to enter the verification code and click on the "send"button.
You can also use the option of sending SMSmessages using free services such as With their help, you can send a message not only in Russia but also in almost any other country in the world. For this you need to go on the front page of the website, then select your country and send SMSusing the simple send form.
If you need to constantly stay connected with one or with a group of people, you can use the free sending SMS with the help of instant messengers, such as icq or mail.agent. Consider sending messages using mail.agent. Download it from then install and run it. To log into the app you will need account mail so get it if it is missing. Then add a contact for calls and SMS. Enter the number in international format, then you will be able to send a free SMSmessage.