To send SMS via email, use the official server of the mobile communication to send messages. Moreover, it is necessary to know the corresponding operator, which your recipient contracted for such services.
Use the search engine to find exactly the web resource. The most common websites domestic operators is, and
Go to the desired web page. Enter the number in international format, then the message text and the symbols as numbers or letters (safe from spam).
Then click on the "Send" button. Note that Latin characters allow you to apply a lot more letters and numbers in the text of one SMS, in contrast to the Cyrillic alphabet.
Use send SMS via programs such as ICQ and mail.agent. It has a function of sending such messages on a cell phone. For example, you can analyze the principle of operation of the messenger "Mail Agent".
Log on to the resource It is necessary to have a mailbox on the mail. Sign up on this server. Then follow the link and download to your laptop or computer the installation file with the name "Agent". Next, launch the app, then enter your username and password.
To send a message to a mobile e-mail, examine the list of your friends and acquaintances. Moreover, if the user name is visible to a icon, it means that the cell number specified.
Now add a contact to your friends list for SMS and calls, then specify the phone number of the person in the international format in the box that appears. You will then have the ability to send SMS via email, but of course, no more than one message per minute.