One of the available options is send a message via e-mail. To do this, specify the email username and password, a telephone number to which the message is sent, the sender name and the message text. Note the charset, windows-1251, koi8-r or UTF-8. The sender name can be any at your discretion.
If you don't want to bother with possible problems with sending messages, you can just call the operator and dictate a message and contacts the caller or send them by e-mail.
When sending a message to Israel can be difficult to code, so if you sent SMS yourself from your mobile phone, then dial in the format +972 followed by the area code and subscriber number. If you have a contact number such as 054 789 23 78 (instead of 054 052 may be), and you want to send him a text message, you need to dial +972 54 789 23 78. Remove the zero and add the country code.
Also there are many programs for sending free SMS messages to Israel and several other countries. Find the appropriate program on the Internet and download the bootstrap file (remember that many services have worms, and so be sure to check the program for viruses and to download, and before to run downloaded on their machine).
Run the program and locate the window input data, you can copy the text message or directly to write. The number of characters is limited, so enter the message parts. Programs allow you to choose the format to send SMS in Russian or with Latin transliteration.
Click "finish" and enter the phone number in international format. After the service check it, hit "Send" and wait for the message system of registration with SMS in the send queue. In some programs you can configure SMS delivery notification in this case in the lower field select "Service" and check the box "Notify about the delivery room" - enter your number in international format.