You must take into account the fact that ceramic tile for floor is substantially different from the tiles used for wall cladding. After all, the outdoor version should be more robust and wear resistant as it has a higher load than a wall tile. Therefore, it is necessary to choose special carefully.

The main parameters that need to pay attention

The main requirements to the floor in a complicated place like the kitchen, bathroom or toilet - is the strength, moisture resistance, fire resistance, durability and of course ease of cleaning. It is also desirable that the coating had anti-slip qualities and was distinguished by good design.

When choosing floor tiles pay attention to its features that significantly distinguish it from similar wall covering options. So, outdoor tile is:
- thick (it is noticeably larger and thicker the wall, the result of which is more sturdy);
class resistance to abrasion (it is a priori higher than other coverage options, because it is intended for service in indoor intensive);
- the ability to withstand the mechanical loads;
- anti-slip surface;
- resistant to chemicals (after all wall tiles, wash the floor less often).

Today, there are several classes of resistance to wear floor tiles. 1 and 2 are those that are predominantly used in rooms with low workload (e.g. bathroom and toilet). Grade 3 is typically used for areas with a medium level of operation (typically, such tiles used in any residential area, including in the kitchen). 4 - the one that is used for furnish of premises with high traffic of people, for example, in the hallway. Maximum wear resistant grade 5 is commonly used in places of a mass congestion of people - restaurants, shops, offices, etc.
Carefully study the label and subject to verification of durability class to your needs. After all, if you buy a weak material, it will quickly crack. And to pay for the high is not worth it.

When purchasing floor tiles, always make sure that it is outdoor. On it as a distinguishing element drawn foot. With high class durability, depicted as shaded feet. Snowflake, which is depicted on the tile or packaging, it indicates that the tile is frost resistant, but it has low moisture absorption.

Recommendation professionals choice tile

The choice of tiles depends on what areas you are going to use it. For example, if the kitchen, it must withstand repeated exposure to moisture and detergents, while remaining durable and attractive in appearance. In addition, its distinctive feature must be the basis, which does not allow moisture and grease to soak into the surface and stay there in the dark and ugly spots.
This option must be checked very clearly. After all, if the tile will absorb all the dirt, the coating will have to change after a couple of months.

The tile, use for bathroom, should have a smooth (non-porous!) surface that absorbs moisture. The best option in this case would be granite. But the fit and glazed tiles, which, if you put it correctly, have to withstand frequent wetting, which will not affect its quality for many years.

The main parameter, we should focus on when choosing outdoor tiles is security. Because the slippery ceramic coating can be a source of common injuries, often serious. So experts recommend to choose tiles with a matte surface, and for rooms with increased humidity - and even relief. Corridor embossed to choose in any case it is impossible, otherwise you risk to open oneself to the endless cleaning of the floor, which will not be effective. The mud clogged in the grooves on the tile and bring it out to be quite problematic. Corridor is very important abrasion of the tile. Right here effects on ceramics have various dust, sand and dirt particles and dust that enter the house on the soles of shoes. But in any case, the tiles for these areas of the home will be much better than wooden floors.

Design floor tiles

Floor tiles can be of different design from classic to modern. Classics easier to believe because it fits much easier and combined correctly. At the same time to choose the tile design is necessary, based on the overall design of the apartment. After all, if the whole kitchen is a classic version, and the floor you line a rimmed art-house tiles, there will be a complete imbalance.

The price of the tiles often depends on its design. So try to weigh the pros and cons for purchasing either option.