Prepare a garbage bag. Depending on the degree of clutter of the room, choose an extra-large instance, or give preference to an ordinary bag of groceries. Place it in the room so that it is easy to put garbage, each time without opening it. For example, hang on the door handle or put it in the center of the room.
Look around the room and mentally organize "stuff". The items on the shelves, the floor, cabinets and racks mentally divide that you can throw away what is still useful, but can be removed, and that in any case it is impossible to throw out.
Collect everything that fell into the first category, and put in a garbage bag. Among these objects include labels, notes (if the information is used or moved to a more reliable carrier), packaging products, advertising materials, broken parts.
Fold items that can be useful in the future, but not really needed now, in a box or bag. Sign capacity, fold in the closet. If these packages have accumulated a fair amount, should review their contents to determine whether and to produce inventory.
Arrange (lay out) the rest of things, having erased them from the dust. Think of for each thing its own place that you will return it after use.
Remove from all surfaces stuff, figurines and other decorative elements. Place them in a bowl, box or package. Wipe the dust. Use the special cloth they can not accumulate dust over a long period, well remove it. Place everything in place. To remove dust from small parts of complex shape, use the normal paint brushes.
Vacuum in the room. To do this, the maximum open carpeted.
Wash the floors, if the carpet is not the entire surface of the floor.