You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application in form 6;
  • - statement by the person providing the accommodation for;
  • - copy of certificate of ownership.
To complete an application form on registration at the place of residence you can by hand, using printing device or on the portal of state services.
In the statement, specify the name of body registration, your name, who provided housing, your address, passport number, signature and date. The application for registration of a child under 14 years is written from his legal representatives.
Attach to the application supporting documents, your passport, a statement of the persons providing living area, or a document confirming the right of ownership.
Consent of the owner registration not required if you are enrolling a child in the room, which is home to his legal representatives; or he arrived to the place of residence with their parents; or when permanent registration of a newborn in the living room, where his parents live.
After receiving the application the registering authority within 3 days will send to the owner or tenant of premises a notice of registration of a citizen. If the owner has received a notice of registration of a citizen, which he did not give permission, he may apply to any form of cancellation. If you retire early, see the statement in any form about the cancellation of the registration with the date of departure. The statement can be sent electronically or through the portal of state services.