To low-skilled work is work of a loader, a laborer, a laborer on a construction site - in short, all work that does not require special skills. The bulk of these vacancies are published in print, therefore at the stage of preliminary study, it is recommended to find the electronic version of a newspaper that publishes jobs in the above areas of employment. It also makes sense to find companies that may be interested in hiring of employees, namely, their addresses and contacts for further treatment on the spot.
Seasonal work is similar to low-skilled labor, but you have clearly stated the dates of employment, pay rate and living conditions. Usually the contract is for a period of one to four months. In order to find seasonal work, contact agencies dealing with employment abroad. If you do not speak Korean language perfectly, use the services of a reliable translator for double-checking the contract terms - because of the need to conduct many areas of your Agency may miss or not pay attention to the prescribed therein, which in the end can be critical for you.
The most lucrative is a job for highly specialized employees, namely, researchers, programmers, and also experts on international cooperation in the framework of cooperation with Russia. For job search in this field it makes sense to go only having a working agreement. The most common practice is the employment in large companies, such as Samsung, as well as at the Korean universities. Keep in mind that if you are a researcher, you will need a PhD. Finding the right vacancy, submit to the contact address e-mail your CV with photograph, list of publications, translations of diplomas, employment record books. In some cases, you may need a certificate of health translated into English.