You will need
  • - passport with valid visa.
The right to work self-employed in Bulgaria are a person with a residence permit, spouses of Bulgarian citizens and the foreign experts invited by the employers. For employment required knowledge of Bulgarian language. If you speak English, it will significantly increase your chances of employment.
Qualified professionals can find contract companies working with foreigners. In Bulgaria, a popular Russian doctors, programmers, experts in the field of construction. However, to find a suitable job may take a lot of time. Interesting contracts – one of a kind, and applicants for them a lot.
Without a permanent residence permit, you can stay in the country longer than three months in each half. For this are seasonal work in the service sector. In the summer you can work on the coast, and in winter to move to the mountains, the ski resorts. Foreigners taking and on cruise ships plying the Black sea, and such work is in demand all year round. Search for suitable vacancies on specialized Internet sites and newspaper advertisements.
If you have not yet reached University age and are not interested in finding permanent and part time during the summer holidays, please contact the Russian company specializing in temporary employment in Bulgaria. You will be offered jobs in the service sector – a maid at the hotel, animator at the beach or the waiter at the diner. From the point of view of earnings the proposals are not the best salary in Bulgaria is low. But you will be able to relax in your downtime and to justify the cost of the trip.
If you have a starting capital, you can register a branch of your company in the Bulgarian chamber of Commerce and working in it officially. In addition, you have the right to seek employment in a private firm to their family members.