Declare husband about the impossibility of your future life together and his decision to break up with him and explain the necessity of his departure from the apartment (if it belongs to you).
Cease to care for her husband: do not prepare and do not feed him, do not wash and ironed. He's doing everything himself, maybe he soon tired of the dirty shirt and the store products.
Make him all sorts of petty nastiness: don't let the night blanket, throw his cigarettes (if he smokes), don't allow them to bring friends. Let's not watch TV or switch the TV with his beloved, for example, sports channel, to something else (better if it will be a women's channel).
Talk in the presence of her husband on the phone puzzling omissions, even if this is your friend. Let him think that you are talking with a man. When you leave the house, do so that the husband thought you were going on a date.
Keep my husband and myself so that he felt to blame yourself and only yourself in all family issues.
And, of course, deny my husband intimacy.
Nothing helps? You are all ready and determined to oust the husband? Collect his belongings and set on a pad (only notify the husband or his friends). Change the locks and walk away. Or even go to rest.
Before proceeding to our recommendations, consider whether you want to break up with her husband? Analyze the situation, you will not regret if you then that kicked him out? You are sure that it will be better? If there's no other way, act confidently and decisively expel the hated husband.