Its function of the character of one cityand the other is not as obvious as others. It's pretty simple to do if for a new residence, you have chosen a city-resort in Egypt, China or France. More travel and earn points visa. The more often you visit a country, the better will be your visa. In the end, you will be able to buy a house and move my SIM there. Life in the resort townKah is good that you have lost the ability to walk to work. Here your SIM can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday work and heavy rhythm of the cityand, however, money, even games, have come to an end, and this carefree life can pretty quickly get bored. All of the people in West, home is best.
Your SIM lives in the industrial citye full of sky scrapers, subway stations and night clubs? Looking for a more quiet life? Move it closer to nature, cut on his land a farm and get horses. To move to another city, go to the game so that you have affected the whole neighborhood, but do not go to the area your character. Hover over the house of Shem. In the pop-up menu, select "move to vault". SIM will be in the menu which you can open in the lower left corner, clicking on the tab "to Populate the family."
If you want to move only one character from the family and continue playing with him, in advance, pry it off by moving within the city. To do this, take a mobile phone SIM, select "Move", in the opened tab select the desired characters and new empty lot or house. After that, exit to the neighbourhood and move a SIM in store and then unpack the archive, populating the family in the new cityE.
In addition, you can move the character using mods — custom items. You can download them on the forums fans of the game. Some items provide a function not only of moving to another city, but also the ability to set the budget of a new family, which naturally adds realism to the process of division of marital property.