Make a plan for the move. Include all the details. Think about when you will collect things, can we use it if it is large enough or will be better to negotiate with relatives to be with the baby for some time. Have a plan for Hiking the official authorities, a farewell party with friends and a sale of unnecessary things. You won't rush and worry if you will have a clear guide to action, and the child will not be underfoot and in the way.
Check all the documents. Make sure that all the necessary vaccinations the child has done, the physical is passed, doctors ' recommendations, in writing, received, and medical policy in place. If the child goes to school, take up a testimonial for him at the class teacher. This is optional, but at my new school the teacher will be easier to find him approach. Take care of the inquiries from clubs and sports sections. This will help to identify the child in similar extracurricular activities in another cityE. Collecting all certificates and documents – activity is quite tedious and time consuming, so don't leave it until the last minute.
Prepare the child for the move in advance. Show pictures of the cityand where you should live, tell us about its merits. If the child is old enough, take him to the reasons for the move. Tell me the truth. Don't be afraid to tell a child about the difficulties and problems that can appear in a new place. If you set your child on the move in the magical world, it will be very difficult to face the reality. Find the right words to explain that some things he will have to drop. But he will have new friends in a large apartment will have their own room and you all get together more often to go to the sea, because in the other cityyou found a better job.
Assemble an emergency bag. Even if the move takes a few hours drive, the road can happen to different surprises. Put in the bag the necessary medications, wet wipes, clean underwear, nuts and crackers for snacking. Don't forget to take some books, CDs with your favorite songs and toys, if the child is small.