Lighting. Orchid does not tolerate direct sunlight, they can cause burning in plants, but Orchid-plant photophilous. Most suitable for orchids are Windows facing South-East and East. When flowering orchids eliminates the need for lighting, so it can be moved deeper into the room. But this is just for the flowering period!
The ambient air temperature.
The most optimal for growing orchids is the day temperature of 20-24 degrees, at night-16-18 degrees. Optimal fluctuations in 4 degrees, which can cause bloom. At higher temperatures, above 25 degrees, the orchids hard to grow leaves, but the blooms it worse. To reduce the temperature during the heating season, you can close the battery with a towel.
Excessive watering leads to root rot and cessation of flowering. Water the Orchid only when substrate is completely dry. Watering it is desirable to limit, as in natural conditions Orchid blooms in the dry season.